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All of our mugs are hand built. The glazes are all nontoxic. They are food, microwave and dish washer safe. We recommend hand washing but are perfectly safe in a dishwasher. These are all stoneware and fired to approx. 2200 degrees.
Our mugs come in two sizes. 20 ounce which is 6 in. tall with a 3 in. diameter and 16 ounce which is 5 1/4 in. tall with the same 3 in. diameter. You will find our mugs to be comfortable to hold due to a well researched and ergonomic handle. 

We wholesale our mugs by groups of 6 mugs for $90.00 plus shipping. With a minimum order of 12 mugs for $180.00 Example; if you decide on the leaf and lace group. You will receive a 6 mug assortment of the leaf and lace designs. The sizes will also be assorted unless otherwise specified. Ordering by group is the only way we can turn out a unique and reasonably priced mug for resale. 

Minimum order is 12 mugs for $180.00 no matter the group or size you decide on. 

For more information email to or call 520-749-0001 or fax to 520-749-3485. Allow 2 to 5 weeks for delivery.

We also suggest to make the process easier and quicker, apply at (it`s free for retailers) get verified and contact us for a password that will allow you access to our store.

Studio 400 west and desertnova has been producing hand built, stoneware mugs since 2011. 
All of our mugs are fired to approx. 2200 degrees, allowed to slowly cool and then water tested. Len is developing new glaze combinations and adding new images all the time. To keep up with the changes in color and design please visit our Etsy store and look at the selection. If you see something you particularly like there, call and discuss if it can be substituted in your order.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover or you can also pay by check or Paypal. 

Thank you for looking at our selection of wholesale mugs. Len
Here's our full selection of wholesale mugs set up by groups.
This group is our southwest collection. You will receive an assortment including 6 mugs from this group. Choose from Gecko, Raven, Blackbird, Kokopelli, Bears, Shaman, horse and Cactus. The choice of image and size is yours. These mugs are all done in a darker clay for that rustic look.
This is our bird group. You will receive one of each image unless otherwise specified. This group includes Owls, Hummingbirds and song birds on a branch. Your choice of image and size. These are made from a lighter clay and the colors snap.
This is one of our best sellers. Our Dog and Cat group. You decide from the 4 available images and in what size. These are also made from lighter clay and the colors compliment the images.
Next we have our floral collection. As the name implies this group is assorted floral designs on light mugs. We have added a Dogwood blossom since this photo was taken to complete a 6 mug set. Floral`s are always popular. The size and image selection is yours.
This is a bit of a crossover group. Butterflies, Dragonflies and Hummingbirds. They just seem to work together. These are once again on light clay to give the contrast and depth of color. If you have questions feel free to discuss images and color with Len. See our email and phone numbers above.
Leaf and Lace Selection
This is a simple group but quite interesting. Our leaf pattern has become a popular design and the assortment of lace patterns makes this a surprise group. The simplicity of pattern makes for a free and exciting application of color. Once the kiln is opened these are always a lovely surprise. As always the design and size choice is yours.
Last group is for the mind and body customers. the Om symbol of universal resonance and the healing, helping hand with the life spiral in the palm. These are also done in a light clay and like the others have dramatic colors with well defined designs. Size and mix of designs is yours.